Former participants about their summer school experience:



An unforgetable, exciting and adventurous time I spent here I had a nice time the tours in the nature were just amazing the environment and the atmosphere was just great. Haven’t been really into cycling, but I think I am going for it now. I loved it. Thank you for the very nice hospitality, Latvia. Experiencing the culture, tradition and the everyday life of Latvia sure has been „My Absolutely Best Summer in The Baltics!


Dear BISS organizers! Thank you for the best 2 weeks of 2011! During this summer school I’ve realized that I have to spend more time with the nature and, yeah, visit my grandma! Thank you for exciting my soul and mind! Thank you for new friends I’ve got! Hope we also shared something with you! It was a great exchange of idejas, emotion and knowledge! Paldies/Aitah

 SLAVICA NARIC (Slovenia) 

Deciding to join this summer school was the best decision. This was my first summer school I took part and I’m really glad I have been a part of this group. I met so many interesting people who I get to know them better who provided me so many amazing facts & details about their culture. Our course was also really great! I like the programm. It wasn’t too hard, but nevertheless we still received knowledge. I also liked that there were many fieldtrips so we could gain also experience in the nature. I think that is a really good approach. After spending so much time with all the amazing people it would be a little bit hard leaving all behind but someday I’m sure we are going to see each other. Thank you for everything!


I have spent more than two weeks in BISS 2010 and it was amazing! I will never forget these amazing people from all over the world, our fieldtrips, interesting lectures, singing during  days and nights, new knowledge about environmental awareness, teaching Latvian language, learning other languages, dancing Latvian folk dances, playing games, eating banana pancakes and just speaking about life. Thanks to all organizers and participants! It was my best event in this summer!


I have taken part in Baltic International Summer School twice. Try it and you would not be able to forget it either. Spending few weeks with people from all over the world in a Baltics, in the middle of nowhere, might seem weird but actually you would soon get so comfortable like you are at home with your old friends. Ruins of the castle, beach by the river, long evenings, trips every weekend, enthusiastic professors, friendly organizers are only a few things you would certainly enjoy!


What to say about BISS five years after my participation in 2002? I would say it definitely helped me to shape my international profile, both academic and professional. Presently I work at international developmental non-governmental organization "Doctors of the World", in my home country Portugal, and I am a Ph.D. student in International Relations at Coimbra University. It is good to recall how all those cross-cultural experiences in Valmiera contributed to pave this way. Thank you for that, BISS!

GREG TAFF (United States)

The two BISS sessions I attended were some of the happiest times in my life. The people I met from so many countries were wonderful, and years later, I am still friends with some of them. I studied the Latvian language and history in preparation for my dissertation field research in Gauja National Park, Latvia. In addition to the intensive coursework, we enjoyed lots of fun cultural activities and still had time to socialize in the long Latvian summer evenings. Valmiera is a beautiful small town for this wonderful international experience.


What else could I say that what I am saying to all my friends, colleagues and relatives: "It was absolutely fabulous". I liked the interesting lectures, demanding workshops and teamwork, mellow language classes, most entertaining social events, parental support from the staff and of course time spent together with my new friends.


So, how did I feel during the last two weeks - I really have no words to express myself. It was an amazing event - something that I have never expected in a positive way; so many unique people with picturesque personalilties. As we said in the final slides of our presentation: it is not the destination but the journey, a journey measured not in miles, but in friends. During the last two weeks I had a wonderful journey which made me believe that great people still exist. The knowledge that I gained during the last two weeks was more valuable that my two years of education at IU, because it is not about taking exams, reading books or writing papers.... it is about experience, about having fun, meeting people and feeling as if you are in paradise. Thank you for ogranizing BISS 2008 and letting me be part of it!


I would like to say that BISS 2008 appeared to be one of the best experiences in my life! Speaking about experience I mean all aspects of the notion. Magically organizers managed to combine very interesting and diverse studying process with intensive leisure experience, traveling and assignments. Merely each day we had a new highly professional lecturer and each of them shared with us not only their knowledge but life experience. I can say that our lecturers by themselves were great examples of the key topic of school - communication, integration and  tolerance. I'm happy I met all these people - they really expanded my world and influenced my greatly! And of course studying would be so excited without our travel experience to Narva and Dauvgopils - that was real "dipping" into the topic! :) I guess that each team had a real challenge while working under Multimedia and Video projects in these two cities but the results were just amazing!