"Communication. Technologies. Integration."

This year the summer school will feature courses on the issues of mass communication, modern technologies and social integration. Besides theoretical lectures by recognized international communication experts and practical workshops on these issues, we will also have visits to media organizations in Latvia and Estonia. The purpose of field trips will be to see real life situation in media and how it covers one particular aspect -- integration of ethnic minorities.

We will all start out together in Valmiera with few lectures and workshops on how to gather, package and present information for today's diverse and changing media. Then we will divide up into two groups and one group will travel to Narva (Estonia) and another one to Daugavpils (Latvia), both cities with large Russian-speaking minority presence. During these field trips groups will have a chance to experience the situation themselves and visit local media outlets. We will gather information about the situation in these two cities and when we come back to Valmiera, we will present it to the other group as well as prepare multimedia presentations for posting on the internet, using the knowledge accumulated during the summer school lectures and workshops.

The summer school will feature courses in three subject areas:

Challenges to traditional journalism in the era of new media;

Specifics of online journalism and producing for online media;

The role of media in integration of society.