Safety and useful phrases

Do not carry your passport with you - it's not necessary.

Carry your purse or wallet with you at all times when you are in university or library. Do not leave your money, laptop or any other valuables in the classroom or common areas.

Please be aware of the law in Latvia:

- The minimum age to buy or drink alcohol is 18. You cannot buy any alcohol in shops after 22:00 in Latvia. It's not allowed to be in public place with opened bottle of strong drinks (incl. beer).

- It is illegal to smoke in all public places (incl. hostel).

- Possession and/or use of all illegal drugs is a criminal offence.

- You must have a valid ticket to travel on any public transport. You will be fined if you do not have one.

Fire Station and Rescue Service- call 01 or 112 free of charge from any phone and cardphone.
Police- call 02 or 112 free of charge from any phone and cardphone.
First Aid service- call 03 or 112 free of charge from any phone and cardphone.

Hi! or Ciao! Sveiki! or Čau! (most common)
Good- morning! Labrīt!
Good- day! Labdien!
Good- evening! Labvakar!
Bye- bye! Sveiki!
Good- night! Ar labu nakti!
Sweet dreams! Saldus sapņus!

Please (Also: here you are)! Lūdzu!
Thank you! Paldies!
Excuse me! Atvainojiet! or Piedodiet!

I am searching for… Es meklēju…
How can I go to … Kā es varu aiziet uz…
How to find… Kā atrast…
Left Pa kreisi
Right Pa labi
Straight Taisni

In the shop:
I would like to buy… Es gribu nopirkt…
Food Pārtika
Cigarettes Cigaretes
Beer Alus
Sweets Saldumi
Fruits Augļi

At the party:
What is your name? Kā tevi sauc?
You look great! Tu ļoti labi izskaties!
What is your telephone number? Kāds ir tavs telefona numurs?
Haven’t we met before? Vai mēs jau neesam tikušies?
I love you! Es tevi mīlu!