Vineta Pūce

Project Director


Birthday: June 12


Vineta is working at International Office of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and her daily work is related to outgoing student mobility. This is the 4th year when she is taking part in the summer school, although there was a one-year gap when Vineta was ERASMUS student herself in ATEI in Thessaloniki, Greece. Vineta loves singing, cooking and travelling, so the most favourite season for her is certainly summer.

Zane Kalniņa

Content Manager


Birthday: July 4


Zane is a lecturer at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and the content manager of the  Erasmus IP. She graduated from Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in 2004 and accomplished public administration master studies at Daugavpils University in 2008. She has been working for a tourism news website, a tour company, a museum, a hotel, experiencing tourism industry from various sides.


Baiba Auziņa

Lecturer Support Manager


Birthday:April 21

Baiba is 24 and she graduated from the Tourist Guide programme in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in 2011. She hopes to be a nature guide in her future. Right now Baiba is contuning her studies in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and besides that she is also working in the university. She loves travelling, meeting new people and cultures, reading, cooking, singing and taking pictures. Baiba loves to be in the nature, picking mushrooms and berries. She loves sun, smiles and positive emotions.


Katrīna Krūmiņa

Student Support Manager


Birthday: October 8


As Katrīna is the 3rd year tourism student at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, she is trying every day to find a unique way how to demonstrate Latvia as a fascinating destination to its guests. She was born in Valmiera, but almost all her life lived in a small village on the shore of the 4th largest lake in Latvia – Burtnieks. Katrīna loves hiking, orienteering and indoor rock climbing, playing Ultimate Frisbee and listening to Latvian folk music. Katrīna feels best when she is in the nature, as well as when she is with her friends and family. This is her 1st summer School and she just can’t wait.

Irina Ozerova

Student Support Manager


Birthday: August 28


Irina is the 2nd year political science student at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Every week she comes to Valmiera from her native city Riga to make sure that the Valmiera is a great city not only for studies, but also for relaxation.This is her first year at summer school. Irina likes to smile. Despite the daily crazy rhythm, she likes to develop and to challenge herself, because only through the challenges it is possible to understand how much you are able to do. Her biggest weaknesses are the cartoons (especially Spongebob) and crocheting. These are two things that can fulfill her daily life.


Elīna Gerharde

Social Events Manager 


Birthday: August 29

Elīna is 2nd year student in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and is the next PR & Communication specialist. She tries to look at life very optimistically and uses chances which life gives her. Elīna dreams of going to Australia and Norway again. In her free time she dances folkdances, learns Norwegian, meets with friends and sometimes does crazy things with them. Friends says that Elīna has the inherent sense of responsibility and self-motivation and she is open to all new things. The biggest problem for her is time planning and she always needs extra 24 hours. This is her 1st summer school and it will be great chance to test her ability to plan, to organize and to lead activities. Elīna bielieves that this summer will be memorable.

Ilze Sauša

Administrative Manager


Birthday: May 4


Ilze is styding tour guiding in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. She is the 2nd year student. Her friends call her a nature child, she loves everything that is somehow connected with environment, everything indeed. Ilze feels huge respect for the nature. Life, as we all know, isn’t simple, but Ilze is trying to live more simply, trying to feel happy about small things that are all around. Last summer as a participant in this summer school, Ilze spent amazing two weaks and this year she is one of the staff because Ilze wants to experience the other side that this summer school offers. Ilze wants to show everyone how great this summer school is and how lucky she was for two weaks last summer.


Artūrs Gubins

Administrative Manager


Birthday: April 26

Artūrs is a 2nd year business administration student. He has lived in Valmiera from his birth, therefore he knows everything about Valmiera. This is his first year at the summer school, but he is keen on learning and helping others. If you need a hand - he is deffinately the one to ask. He is an allround person, likes to know something about everything, rather than focusing on specific subjects. Although he studies business - he has an opinion on everything, his motto is - learning throuh experience and gaining experience through learning. He has an open personality and has a great sense of responsibility. If you have a question or a problem - feel free to ask Artūrs, he will help in any way possible.



Dita Dzene

PR Manager


Birthday: May 12


Dita lives by the saying – If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.  And she is always looking for harmony. Dita is a person who always looks at the bright side of life, but of course there are always exceptions. There are many things she likes to do, for instance, she likes to talk, to listen, to sing, to take photos, to travel and to make her friends laugh. This is her 2nd year in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and she is studying journalism.


Marija Markule



Birthday: January 25


Marija is going to be the photographer of BISS 2012. She is 20 years old and she lives 30 kilometers from Valmiera - in Cesis, beautiful medieval town. Marija is studying Tourism management and organization and she really likes Vidzeme University of Applied Science. Marija is taking photos since she was 14. A lot of people have told her that she has "an eye for interesting and unusual" so Marija has participated in some photo contests in which she has taken first place. Marija is looking forward to having a great time here in Baltic International Summer School, meeting a lot of great and active young people and showing and informing them about Latvia and univesity. Marija is sure that all together we will have a great time!