10th Baltic International Summer School will be devoted to communication, technologies and integration  

Baltic International Summer School 2008 will have two thematic dimensions – society integration in the Baltic States will be considered from the perspective of modern communication technologies. The participants will get acquainted with the situation in two Baltic cities that have a large proportion of national minorities – Daugavpils (Latvia) and Narva (Estonia).

    Both cities are close to Russian border and historically a large part of the inhabitants represent national minorities that mostly communicate in Russian which is not the official language in Latvia or Estonia. Communication environment in these cities is particularly interesting because the most mass media is produced in the Russian language. The participants of the summer school will investigate the situation in Daugavpils and Narva and prepare interactive multimedia reports on what they have seen. Since the integration of the society in the Baltics is a broad topic, the participants will also have an opportunity to analyse the integration of other minority groups in the society.
 Therefore along with theoretic lectures on the issues of communication, integration of the society and Baltic majority and minority culture, the participants of this summer school will devote special attention to acquiring practical skills in the field of communication technologies. The participants will learn how to design a webpage, make a multimedia presentation and press photography, work with digital sound and image, as well as acquire other skills. 

     Summer school will be held from August 1 to 17, 2008 in Valmiera, Daugavpils (Latvia) and Narva (Estonia). During the summer school various excursions to Riga, Vilnus, Tartu and other cities in the Baltic States will be offered.

For more information about the summer school, please contact the project managers Iveta Putnina (iveta.putnina@va.lv) or Kaspars Ruklis (kaspars.ruklis@gmail.com).