Estonia may be small in form, but it is rich in content. Estonia is in the Schengen Area and has open borders with the rest of Europe. In January 2011 Estonia adopted Euro as an official currency.

A typical Estonian would like to portray himself as hard-working, reliable, smart, innovative and friendly.

Estonia is about 50% forest. Hiking trails criss-cross the forests, many of which are protected or part of National Parks.

Estonia’s coastline has hundreds of deserted beaches. Even in the height of summer you can find private space for yourself. The same happens in wild nature - you can hike and feel like the only person in the world. Here you have the possibility to hear total silence.

In contrast, the same modern Estonians are the ones behind Skype, mobile parking, e-elections and many of the innovative technologies and solutions. Various e-services like e-banking, online medical and document registries; digital tickets; full wireless connectivity and excellent mobile coverage are considered to be as elementary as air and water by most modern Estonians.

Size is everything. Estonia is small. Distances are short and travel is cheap. It means you can squeeze in lots of sightseeing and activities in a relatively short period of time.

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